About Us

For over twelve years, HYGIA has provided hospital customers substantial savings and a more environmentally friendly option for their high volume clinical items. Just ask our 136 hospitals across the US.

Mission and Vision

HYGIA’s mission is to define and deliver the highest value, essential clinical commodity patient room reprocessing management, and savings multiplication service in all of healthcare.

Our vision is to be the “Best in the US” at...

Generating Maximum Hospital Savings for our Customers
Environmental benefit
Providing the Greatest Environmental Benefit for our Customers
Producing the Highest Quality Essential Clinical Commodity Service and Reprocessed Products for our Customers

Essential Clinical Commodities

When it comes to patient room reprocessing, essential clinical commodities (ECCs) are treated by most hospitals as single use, throw away items which results in an opportunity cost of hundreds of thousands of dollars while polluting the environment with literally tons of waste. Healthcare economics and modern environmental needs require a fresh approach.

HYGIA offers a new method of managing these essential items and turning them into real, substantial savings as well as helping our customers become greener.


Our specialization in the field of essential clinical commodity patient room reprocessing sets us apart from manufacturers and other reprocessors. This disciplined focus has allowed us to develop a highly differentiated and unique ECC patient room reprocessing service that is proven, tested and FDA cleared. Our documented, high quality ECC process and results speak for themselves. This expertise allows us to boldly guarantee our savings.

Let HYGIA conduct an ECC patient room reprocessing improvement analysis free of charge and see how you can achieve results right away.

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