Quality³: A Closer Look

The cornerstone of HYGIA’s success is our Quality³ (Q³) program:
Quality customer relationships, Quality processes, and Quality patient experience.

High Quality Relationship

First and foremost, HYGIA is a customer success oriented company.

We believe the most important ingredient to that success is forging a strong, interactive relationship based on mutually beneficial performance. Critical to that performance is making sure we take the lead and guide our customers throughout the entire transformation and beyond.

We Handle Everything

HYGIA provides a seamless introduction of essential clinical commodity (ECC) patient room reprocessing management, featuring a specialized ECC reprocessing protocol. Through complete unit in-servicing, HYGIA will communicate protocol objectives and specific facility cost-avoidance goals. Easier is always better; therefore, we require no staff device preparation or segregation, no centralized device collection, and no shipping responsibilities. We place no burden on your patient care staff.

Included Training and Feedback

Our customers are required to participate in regularly scheduled “Seven-minutes-to-success” reviews, recognition programs, savings booster information exchange, and bring a willing attitude. We provide the experience, expertise, and infrastructure necessary to successfully manage our ECC protocols to a defined goal.

To promote maximum staff compliance, HYGIA will in-service all shifts of all participating units, locate and collect recovery containers at the unit level, and immediately broadcast recovery data to all involved. HYGIA maintains responsibility for developing goals, communicating progress toward those goals, and intervening/rewarding individual units. The HYGIA process is designed and tested to blend with your facility and the way your staff works.

HYGIA does not take possession of ECC devices to be reprocessed. Rather, HYGIA simply performs ECC management and reprocessing services in compliance with FDA guidelines and returns reprocessed devices to their source hospital. Device segregation and return to the source hospital is assured through the use of a unique identifier attached to individual devices for the life of that device.

Ease on Staff

No hospital staff preparation of devices is required. HYGIA staff members will be in-serviced to place target devices “as is” in collection containers. HYGIA research and experience indicates unit level device collection and tracking as key to overall reprocessing service success. No hospital staff time is required for collecting devices when reprocessing with HYGIA.

HYGIA will provide partner hospitals a two-week recovery/delivery cycle on reprocessed devices. This unrivaled level of service:

  • Maximizes institutional cost-avoidance opportunities
  • Encourages inventory management efficiencies
  • Minimizes effects of OEM back orders

HYGIA’s extensive bar coding gives certainty to device tracking and process validations while allowing for searches and recalls by device, package, box, or shipment.

High Quality Process

HYGIA performs functional and visual testing on 100% of all devices and products in order to ensure functional integrity of each reprocessed device. Our quality assurance system is designed to maximize your financial benefits and ensure staff/patient satisfaction. Our stringent quality standards and testing methodology ensures that all devices returned to their source hospital will be received in working order. HYGIA, at no cost to the source hospital, disposes of devices that fail our visual/functional testing criteria.

In order to provide maximized disinfection outcomes and the highest quality presentation of reprocessed devices, HYGIA performs both a hand cleaning and a machine cleaning of all devices prior to disinfection. HYGIA’s cleaning processes ensure removal of bioburden prior to device disinfection and result in visually appealing devices for reuse.

Low Discard Rate

Minimizing the discard rate of recovered non/semi-critical devices is a particular strength of HYGIA Health Services. HYGIA employs both a device specific lab cleaning protocol administered by trained laboratory technicians and an industry-leading machine-washing system in order to maximize device condition, thus maximizing device return rates.

Because HYGIA employs these unique standards, our discard rate averages an industry low 10%. Thus, HYGIA averages returning 90% of recovered target devices.

HYGIA utilizes a sporicidal decontamination EO process which has been validated against industry methods and standards to establish a minimum six log reduction of Bacillus atrophaeus, a known spore former and the FDA recognized indicator test organism for EO sterilization processes. This established six spore log reduction (SLR) demonstrates that products exposed to the decontamination process would achieve a minimum six log reduction of the naturally occurring bioburden load.

Tracking and Reporting with a Customized ERP System

HYGIA tracks all recovered devices to their source unit within the hospital to provide data and feedback toward compliance management. Immediately following each recovery, HYGIA will issue reports detailing the number and type of devices recovered, by unit and date, and also the total dollar value associated with those specific recoveries. A customized ERP system allows the monitoring of device recovery in concert with hospital goals.

Because cost-avoidance is primarily determined by staff compliance, customized ERP system reports serve to:

  • Stimulate participation through immediate feedback
  • Identify the extent of unit participation
  • Allow HYGIA to develop and enact incentive programs and intervention strategies for units
  • Permit HYGIA to reward units for superior compliance
  • Provide hospital administrators with accountability data

To best provide partner hospitals with meaningful reprocessing protocol data, HYGIA will produce the following reports:

  • Unit and device specific recovery reports
  • Hospital and unit progress reports
  • Discard reports
  • Validation reports
  • Shipment reports
  • Product receipt reports
  • Others as requested by client

High Quality Patient Experience

Not Made with Natural Rubber Latex

Because HYGIA reprocesses in an environment without latex, and exclusively excludes all materials with rubber latex from all devices; patients and staff need not be concerned with potential latex allergen reactions.

Easy Instructions for Staff

Clearly written and easily understandable instructions for use accompany all reprocessed devices upon return to the source hospital. This guidance is unique in the industry toward non/semi-critical devices and allows facilities to reuse target devices safely and confidently.

Safe to Use

HYGIA reprocessed devices do not pose residual germicide exposure or carcinogenic threats to staff or patients. HYGIA has validated Biocompatibility and EO Residual performance for all devices.


Our high quality internal staff executes high quality processes in order to maintain a high quality relationship with customers while providing a high quality patient experience.

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