ECC Patient Room Reprocessing vs. Reprocessing

EC²M² = Essential Clinical Commodity Management & Savings Multiplication

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In 1905 Einstein changed world energy forever when he created his famous formula, E=mc². HYGIA did the same for healthcare when it pioneered a valuable new method of managing high volume essential clinical commodities (ECCs).

We have added real, substantial patient room cost savings on everything from stethoscopes to ECG leads to air transfer mattresses and blood pressure cuffs, not to mention dramatic reductions in waste. Our specialization and focus is exclusively on ECC patient room reprocessing, giving us unique perspectives and protocols that are non-existent with other manufacturers or reprocessors.

All of our processes are engineered specifically for these essential items that are non-invasive and non/semi-critical. HYGIA delivers a distinct service and utilizes reprocessing protocols that are highly specialized and appropriate for these single use devices (SUDs). For most reprocessors, a few “non-invasive” items are available for reprocessing, but they have little experience in the broad range of issues and possibilities with ECC patient room reprocessing.

As our customers have learned, reprocessor alternatives do not come close to what HYGIA provides.

Difference in the Numbers

Our formula for success is very different.

HYGIA is not in the business of simply providing our customers less expensive, reprocessed items. We engage with our customers to create savings that are not only guaranteed but also grow over time. Our service-oriented approach to business includes a multiplication of savings program, complete with savings boosters that ultimately reward you financially.


We feel our precision and exclusive concentration on ECCs translates into an extreme quality, market-tested, FDA cleared process that features 375% less discards, an astounding (and documented) defect rate of 2 in 1,000,000, and a dramatically higher dollar and waste reduction potential.

The Math

EC²M² = Essential Clinical Commodity Management & Savings Multiplication.

Our equation for success is easy to understand. We maximize the value of your high volume essential clinical commodities. We create exponentially higher patient room reprocessing savings. We subtract tons of waste and add a green reputation. HYGIA equates to your choice for an environmental adjustment that simultaneously increases revenue.


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