"What does Quality³ mean?"

The cornerstone of HYGIA’s success is our Quality³ (Q³) program: high quality relationships, high quality processes, and high quality patient experiences.

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High Quality Relationships

When our clients succeed, we succeed. HYGIA offers training, benchmarking, and reporting services to help customers feel comfortable in their day-to-day management while taking steps toward achieving their goals. We place no additional burden on your patient care staff. Hygia team handles everything, from seamless introduction of essential clinical commodity (ECC) patient room reprocessing management to complete in-servicing, including collection and shipping.

High Quality Processes

HYGIA tracks all recovered devices to their source unit within the hospital to provide data and feedback toward compliance management into a customized ERP system for monitoring and tracking goals. HYGIA performs functional testing on 100% of all devices and products in order to ensure reprocessed device functionality integrity.

Minimizing the discard rate of recovered non/semi-critical devices is a particular strength of HYGIA Health Services. In order to provide maximized disinfection outcomes and the highest quality presentation of reprocessed devices, HYGIA performs both a hand cleaning and a machine cleaning of all devices prior to disinfection. HYGIA’s cleaning processes ensure removal of bioburden prior to device disinfection and result in visually appealing devices for reuse. With these unique standards, our discard rate averages an industry low 10%. Thus, HYGIA averages returning 90% of recovered target devices.

High Quality Patient Experiences

Because HYGIA reprocesses in an environment that excludes all materials with natural rubber latex around all devices, patients and staff need not be concerned with potential latex allergen reactions.

Clearly written and easily understandable instructions for use accompany all reprocessed devices upon return to the source hospital.

This guidance is unique in the non/semi-critical device reprocessing industry. It enables facilities to reuse target devices safely and confidently, ensuring a pleasant patient experience.


Our high quality internal staff executes high quality processes in order to maintain a high quality relationship with customers while providing a high quality patient experience.

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