Savings Multiplication

“Let me get this straight. HYGIA is not just going to save me money on patient room reprocessing, but will also guarantee it and will multiply those savings over time?”

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Mathematical Savings

When it comes to essential clinical commodity (ECC) patient room reprocessing, manufacturers will give you volume discounts. Other reprocessors will give you deeper discounts—that is, if they can reprocess ECCs at all or if they claim to reprocess a few ECCs. (Learn More

Here at HYGIA, our sole focus is on ECC patient room reprocessing. And with that focus results excellence and ability to do what it takes to multiply your hospital’s savings. So our answer differs from the typical “Yes, but…” Our answer is…

YES. Add it up and see for yourself.

  1. We start with our pre-contract ECC improvement analyses to create a baseline guaranteed savings and discover the extent of potential savings over time, including recommendations for our unique donor program where we will buy items from you if you are not ready to fully implement.
  2. We implement a deep ongoing relationship that combines adult learning principles with performance analysis and recognition to maximize adoption and compliance at a unit-level throughout the hospital.
  3. We conduct monthly unit-based performance analysis and engage in continuous improvement engineering.
  4. We incorporate elements of frequent flier, loyalty, and recognition.
  5. We frequently interact with our customers using our web and on-site multiplication and management personnel.
  6. We create savings boosters to your program automatically to keep raising the bar on how much we save you.
  7. We monitor your progress summaries month-to-month, quarter-to-quarter, and year-to-year.
  8. We provide suggestions and, when appropriate, deliver new services.
  9. We help you add new ECCs to your mix.
  10. We start saving you hundreds of thousands of dollars, and then multiply your savings over time.


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