The HYGIA Answer

The Question

“Can my hospital really add a new service and substantially subtract costs and reduce waste?”

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The Math

The math is simple. When you sum it up, we save your hospital money and make it more environmentally friendly. Guaranteed.

Our unique service is focused on the essential clinical commodities (ECCs) for patient room reprocessing used throughout your hospital. We take this overlooked area of your operation and make it cost a small fraction of what it does today. In addition, our 99.9998% faultless, FDA cleared sporicidal decontamination process proves high quality can be less expensive.

The best part of this equation is that when we engage with our customers, we multiply their savings over time. Save on everything, from blood pressure cuffs and infusor bags to air transfer mattresses and bed alarms. Make your hospital greener and landfills emptier.

And did we mention? Guaranteed.

Free Analysis Proof Solution

Let HYGIA conduct patient room reprocessing improvement analysis free of charge to see how you can start saving right away. Simply contact us

Learn more about the success formula for Patient Room Reprocessing ECC Savings Multiplication and Management (EC²M²).


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