Top 10 Reasons HYGIA is Different

Focus . Our unique focus, concentration, and solution for essential clinical commodity (ECC) patient room reprocessing management and savings multiplication are unparalleled.
Hard Dollar Savings . We create a substantial amount of real, hard dollar savings in the ECC/patient room reprocessing area, averaging hundreds of thousands of dollars’ worth of savings per hospital each year.
Savings Guarantee . Our savings are guaranteed—and with the Greenstart Donor Program we add even more savings by buying and managing ECC single use devices (SUDs) for our customers who may not be ready to be fully managed.
Savings Multiplication . Our engagement includes a savings multiplication program that not only delivers savings from the beginning, but adds savings boosters and savings increases by helping customers maximize compliance at a unit-level.
Extensive Array of Products Supported . The breadth of essential clinical commodities we support is extensive.
Environmental Impact . While others talk about being green, HYGIA helps you attack a broad range of high volume ECCs (not just a few “non-invasive” items). We truly make a large, positive impact on the environment of our customers.
Industry Knowledge . We are very different from manufacturers or other reprocessors who do not understand ECC patient room reprocessing or the value that can be created by properly managing the high volume of these devices found throughout a hospital.
FDA Cleared . Our FDA cleared, tested, and verified process has an astounding defect rate of only 2 out of 1,000,000 with a discard rate that is 375% better than alternatives “trying” a few reprocessed ECC devices.
Unparalleled Quality . Our Quality³ strategy delivers high quality performance, creating customer relationships, high quality ECC patient room reprocessing processes, and high quality nationwide personnel.
A True Partner . We truly partner with our customers to create success, starting with our pre-contract ECC patient room reprocessing improvement analysis, to our frequent comprehensive performance analysis, and recognition programs to maximize adoption and compliance at a unit-level throughout the hospital.


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