Greenstart Donor Program

At HYGIA, our eye is on patient safety as we significantly cut hospital expenditures and save hundreds of tons of waste from going into landfills every year. We take pride in working with our customers toward defined, calculated, guaranteed savings.

As a first step, many customers choose to begin with our “Greenstart” Donor Program.

The Greenstart Donor Program is a special solution where we provide environmental and cost savings by buying and removing single use, essential clinical commodity (ECC) devices even if your hospital is not ready for our full ECC patient room reprocessing savings multiplication and management service. We pick up devices healthcare facilities would otherwise throw away.

Members of Greenstart usually choose this program when there are contractual restrictions or delay due to internal readiness, so they can start taking formerly non-reprocessed ECC devices and begin making a financial and environmental impact. We simply collect devices and pay the source hospitals for all devices recovered. This provides a nice revenue stream and reduces tons of medical waste (and associated costs) with no cost to the facility.

We extend the benefits even further by allowing Greenstart Donor Program members to replenish their supply with our inventory of SUDs that we have reprocessed, disinfected, tested for functionality, packaged, and appropriately labeled.

Contact us for further information on the Greenstart Donor Program.


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