The HYGIA Difference

“Can HYGIA's patient room reprocessing really make that big of a difference to my hospital?”

If hard dollar savings (think hundreds of thousands of dollars) and making a large environmental impact are important to you, then yes. We can make a massive difference. Guaranteed.

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Where and What We Reprocess

Over 12 years ago we became the pioneer, the innovator, and the market patient room reprocessing leader helping hospitals maximizing their essential clinical commodities (ECCs) value.

We now serve 136 hospitals, guiding them to substantially less cost for essential items such as:

  • air transfer mattresses
  • cerebral-somatic sensors
  • blood pressure cuffs
  • SCD/DVT sleeves
  • pulse ox sensors
  • stethoscopes
  • ECG leads
  • pneumatic tourniquets
  • infusor bags
  • fall alarms
  • splints
  • masks

Our Difference

We have developed ECC-specific processes and solutions that are unmatched in the healthcare industry. We use FDA cleared reprocessing methods that are unique and appropriate for ECC patient room reprocessing.

Our documented high quality performance (imagine only 2 defects out of every 1,000,000) and experienced personnel gives our customers confidence that their reprocessing decisions are a positive green step in the right direction toward increased revenue.


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HYGIA is a proud member of Association of Medical Device Reprocessors (AMDR).